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Sales Engineering

Sales Engineering with Myles B. Vice President of Research and Development and Sales Engineering Practice Lead, Myles Bogner

Mom Guilt

Mom Guilt with Angie P. and Kassy M. Director and Regional Manager for Central, Angie Phillips and Contracts Manager, Kassy McMichael


Apprenticeship with Alison H. Director of Quality Advocacy, Alison Hawke


Mindfulness with Joy V. Director of Executive Initiatives, Joy Vance


Accessibility with Lee E. Design Lead Lee Essner

Lean UX

Lean UX with Chike O. and Kate C. UX Practice Leads Chike Orjih and Kate Chadha

Performance Management

Performance Management with Anna Z, Helena C, Geoff A, and Mackenzie B Performance Managers, Anna Zaslavskaya, Helena Converse, Geoff Armstrong, and Mackenzie Britton

Cloud and Serverless

Cloud and Serverless with Daniel S. Daniel Shown, Delivery Engineer

Application Security

Application Security with Karl M. Karl Mueller, Director of Application Security


Crafting with Rock H. and Ryan S. Rock Harris, Developer Ryan Steele, Developer

5 Year Journey

5 Year Journey with Eric J. Eric Jones, Developer Performance Manager

Greed Accelerated Development with Mark B. Dr. Mark Balbes, VP of Architecture  Mark's article on Greed Accelerated Development at ADTMag

Pillar One

Pillar One with Steve E. Steve Elfanbaum, Co-Founder and Vice President

iOS 12

iOS 12 with Mark S. Mark Sands, iOS Developer

React Native

React Native with Greg H. Greg Huels, Senior Software Engineer  

Agile Coaching

Agile Coaching with Rose H. Rose Hemlock, Director of Agile Coaching


Master/Apprentice with Emmett W. Emmett Wilson, Software Engineer  

Quality Advocacy

Quality Advocacy with Alison H. Alison Hawke, Director of Quality Advocacy  

Delivery Leads

Delivery Lead Role with Heather M. Heather McLean, Delivery Lead Director  

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